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(888)307-2075 is a Landline phone number which is located in United States. (888)307-2075 has been searched 311 times on Whoiscalls.com.
Get more information on the (888)307-2075 number, origin, and statistics based on 9 reports.

(888)307-2075 (United States)

We have received 9 reports and 311 lookups for this number (888)307-2075 and our community has given it a Dangerous caller rating based on 146 ratings. This phone number is registered as a Landline in United States.

On this page, 127 users have rated this phone number as Scam / Robocall.

The most frequently mentioned words in out users' reports include Scam / Robocall (127), Telemarketing (8), Market Research (1), Opinion Poll (1), Other (9).

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- Jul 09 2023
Car warranty scam
- Jun 20 2023
Claimed to be from Hyundai and got all my public car information and matched it to my address. Be wary of how accurate the information may seem, the number is still a scam
- Jun 07 2023
Scam car warranty
- Jun 01 2023
I wish the guy would have given me their business name or address. It is a huge scam. They say my warranty is expired, but it is a new car with less than 5, 000 miles. They also say I bought my car at a dealership that I have never been to.
- May 13 2023
Sent me an urgent-looking letter to call this number, but no return address, identifying information, or specific details. Clearly a scam meant to scare people into responding.
- May 13 2023
Trying to sell fake warranties. Total scam. Received a letter and doesn't even have a company name listed.
- May 06 2023
Brought brand new car, got the letter with this number. The thing is my full name and home address on there and my car brand and model is correct. So scary.
- Apr 12 2023
Scam selling fake warranties. Claimed to be from Hyundai on one call, then from Mercedes on another. Won’t give any info and hang up once you ask if this is a scam or for any info. Phone companies are doing nothing to stop them - they support this scammer by allowing them to continue to call.
- Apr 12 2023
Tried to be removed from whatever company this is and was put on a neverending hold. No name or anything on letter.
- Apr 12 2023
Letter stating a 2022 car(that I don’t own) had a dealership warranty ending soon. L Bozo
- Apr 10 2023
Sent a post card saying I must call the above number to avoid expiration of a car warranty, I'm surprised that they new the make and model of the car as well as my First name, last name. Thankfully, I reached out to my dealership and they told me it was a scam. Damn the letter seemed very legit, and it's been just 1 month since I bought the car, so not sure how they even knew I bought this car.
- Mar 05 2023
Auto warranty postcard
- Mar 05 2023
Warranty scam
- Mar 05 2023
Warranty is expiring and need to renew immediately
- Mar 05 2023
When I was on the phone with them, I told them that we didn't own the type of car that the letter said then they asked me what kind of car we actually had so I told them. Then after that they went on to talk about plans for the car or whatever and so I eventually hung up. I was confused because I looked at the letter and there was no company name anywhere so I looked up the number online to see if there was a company with that number and so I got some results talking about how this was a scam.
- Dec 09 2022
THEY sent me a postcard, wanted money for a service contract i already paid for directly to the dealer
- Dec 04 2022
I received a notice by physical mail saying that I need to call them before 1st DEC 2022 else, the warranty on my Car would expire & I will be responsible for any further situations. They have generated a Customer ID for me as well & they mentioned the exact car make (Volvo) & model that I am using today. I called them back & asked them if they are the "Vehicle Service Department" from Volvo. I insisted on this several times but their concentration was about what CARD I would use to pay. When I
- Nov 14 2022
- Nov 14 2022
Scam all the way.
- Nov 14 2022
Vehicle service department. It is a scam
- Nov 14 2022
Came from a letter sent to my home. Claims to hold you liable for any damages in your car after your “warranty expires”. I don’t have the car they claim I have anymore. This is a scam number. Stay safe out there.
- Nov 02 2022
Tried to tell me my 36, 000 mile warranty had 3, 000 miles left and I haven't drove my vehicle 3, 000 miles yet.
- Oct 25 2022
Are these scammers stupid, why would my 2021 vehicle with a 3 year warranty expire before the 3 years, plus I have an extended warranty from the maker of the vehicle for another 3 years. They also try to convince me that my warranty is about to expire on my 2006 van that the trade in value is only $700. 00. Every time I talk to one of these dummies they have a foreign accent. And they sound like the same ones that try to lower my credit card interest (which I got rid of all my CC) and lower my A
- Oct 21 2022
Scum bag scammers send these post cards every month. A fun game to play is to drop them into mail boxes hundred of miles away to see if it returns. Too fake to have a return address.
- Oct 17 2022
Said my car warranty came with my Lexus purchase. Acted as if they were part of the Lexus Financial Division.
- Sep 23 2022
Mail keeps coming in about warrently expiring
- Sep 20 2022
Information provided by user: Scam / Robocall
- Sep 16 2022
Auto warranty scam
- Sep 16 2022
SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! STEER CLEAR! Pink postcard in the mail about your vehicles warranty is 100% SCAM 100% SCAM 100% SCAM.
- Sep 13 2022
Information provided by user: Other
- Sep 13 2022
Get a bunch of fake mail from these guys. Don't call their number
- Sep 09 2022
Information provided by user: Bad + Other
- Sep 09 2022
Also received same mailer. They got the car wrong... Stay away from these guys.
- Sep 06 2022
Information provided by user: Bad + Scam / Robocall
- Sep 06 2022
Para Espanol:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
- Sep 06 2022
Information provided by user: Telemarketing
- Sep 02 2022
Information provided by user: Scam / Robocall
- Sep 02 2022
The guy whom answered actually was from said corporation. He was informed that their number is used as a scam purposes.
- Sep 02 2022
I checked the number online and all responses to this number indicate it is a scam
- Aug 27 2022
- Aug 27 2022
Received service notification
- Aug 27 2022
Received mail notice. No name indicated just this number. Looks like a scam
- Aug 27 2022
Didn’t get a call but a mail notice of car warranty (with picture of my new car) needed to be registered to continue the warranty. It was from the “Service Department” and I needed to call to make appointment to activate the warranty. Failure to do so would invalidate my warranty. This is a new spin on scam.
- Aug 27 2022
Another letter with no company, website, etc. Just a number. Scam
- Jul 26 2022
Sent me post card for recall on my vehicle and to call this number. SCAM!
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