Privacy Policy

Since respecting and preserving privacy gives all people in different communities a sense of security and creating a border between the public and their privacy, whoiscalls also provides safe and secure services for users by preserving and respecting privacy with all the details has done.

Providing public services at the global level in no way means that the public can know the information and privacy of other people, but the whoiscalls team has adhered to the principle of protecting and respecting the privacy of people from the very beginning, and none of the users information Their names and personal phone numbers will not be given to third parties.

General privacy review

Non-disclosure of personal information

whoiscalls, due to adherence to professional ethics, has not shared any of the users information even at the security and server level, and it is not possible for any expert to access this privacy.

In what is called, we have made it possible for all our users to choose which of their privacy information is exposed to other people and to use this feature of their private information according to the protection policy. privacy and professional ethics whoiscalls has gone through the steps of non-disclosure well.

You choose how to display your information

Unlike other phone number identification platforms around the world, whoiscalls does not request unnecessary permissions from any of the users and does not have any access to their information and privacy without their knowledge.

Not requesting unnecessary permissions

In whoiscalls, due to the lack of access of this team without your knowledge, your personal information and privacy are always encrypted and no external access by people is possible.

Any information from you is permanently encrypted

using and benefiting from a special privacy policy, whoiscalls always keeps all the personal information of users in a private and encrypted platform and inaccessible to people.